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The command of the Great Commission is to “make disciples.” In order to do that believers must “go” into the world with the Gospel. It is the Lord who sends us in His name and in His Spirit to fulfill His command. As a partner in the Great Commission, MPBA offers training, provides opportunities for missions, and encourages believers to be “on mission.”

The team tasked with this responsibility is the Missions Mobilization Team. Team members for 2016 include:

  • Harold Booze (Woodland) Team Leader
  • Shelley Davis (Woodland)
  • Maryland Gess (Ro-land Manor)
  • Linda Blough (Dayton Ave.)
  • Ken Mayberry (Woodland)
  • Boyd Schenck (Richland)
  • Teresa Ebert (Temple)

If you have questions about missions, contact the Association Office at (309) 633-5440.